The pool is ready for use !
The Pool We spent a week in April filling and setting up the filter system and finally had a couple of days use. The sand filter operates for a few hours during the night to ensure crystal clear water. The pool is chlorinated as appropriate.

We had a solar cover heating the pool when we were not using it and a little heater running overnight – in a couple of days we got the temperature up from 10 to 20 degrees. A little cool but as we had a few scorcher days it was a pleasure to use.

During the main season it will be generally be without the solar cover as the ambient temperature will be quite high.

Please use common sense and observe the pool safety instructions. Children should be accompanied / observed at all times. No glass in the pool and nothing that may tear the liner.

Please advise any problems as soon as they happen. Should there be a tear or leak it can take a couple of days to fix and fill.