We confirm that the diesel and petrol shortages throughout France are now over.
In practice the shortages never really had much impact as fuel was always available though some outlets were restricting amounts purchased.
In our local area supply was not a problem though additional cans were banned and there was a temporary limit of 20-30 Euros purchased.

If such problems are repeated then the advice would be:

  • Leave the UK with a full tank, most areas of really short supply were in the north of France.
  • Top-up wherever convenient
  • Use the internet to locate supply of fuel rather than travel.

The best site for checking for fuel availability and supply is here http://mon-essence.fr The site is in french but pretty easy to navigate / understand.
Go to the blog page to see any fuel supply problems.
They also have a really good downloadable app for finding fuel based on location – suggest you download this in the UK from the appstore before you leave.