We have accepted direct bank transfer and cheque payments without any problems for many years however we have come under increasing pressure to offer Credit Card payments.

None of this pressure comes from holidaymakers themselves – we have never had a direct request or enquiry about such payment methods.

Our main portal supplier Owners Direct / HomeAway have been pressing us to use their booking system for a couple of years and they are steadily increasing this pressure and encouraging holidaymakers to use their system for accepting bookings. The downside of this is that the holidaymaker is then charged an additional 6% or thereabouts for this service. Note that this additional fee cannot be refunded in case of cancellation by either party.

Media pressure is increasing by stating that direct bank transfer is unsafe and that the preferred payment method should be via a Debit or Credit Card.

We are addressing this issue by offering Debit, Credit and Paypal payments ourselves. We will be using a third party business processing service to supply this direct to the holidaymaker, probably Paypal or Wave.

When the holidaymaker receives an invoice they will have the option of using bank transfer, cheque or online Debit/Credit card payments.

We are not adding to our base prices for this service. We may subtract any direct costs (third party processing fees) from the Security Deposit if any have been incurred. We are currently being quoted about 3.9% for processing using this process. We will review this over the next year and will respond to any feedback we receive.

Cancellations – If the holidaymaker cancels their holiday then, subject to the standard terms and conditions, all due monies will be refunded as usual with the exception of any Credit/Debit/PayPal costs incurred. If a cancellation is by ourselves then these costs will be covered by ourselves.