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Category: Le Rif

Owners Direct / HomeAway Update

Owners Direct / HomeAway have been our main source of enquiries since we started in the Gite rental business in 2012.

In the last couple of years the way this site operates has changed significantly from a contact portal to a full holiday booking site.
The site has increased fees and reduced the number of contacts made and made other changes which mean that our listings no longer achieve the same visibility they have traditionally had.

In the last month the site has added a fee to the holiday-maker in addition to the fee component of the rental that they have always paid.
This fee is only charged if the booking is made via the Owners Direct / HomeAway site.
We have never actually taken any booking by this route and always recommend that bookings are made direct with us via our own site ( ).
Like most owners we have operated in this way for many years, our clients trust us and have seen no need to use the Owners Direct / HomeAway site booking system.

If holiday makers wish to book via Owners Direct / HomeAway and pay the additional fee then we will be happy to accept their booking though we would not be able to refund this fee for any reason.

We will be exploring other portal options for 2017.

New Property

Today we have added a new property (Le Rif) for letting.
It is rather bigger than La Gravette and we hope to achieve the same standard of facilities.

More details to follow….