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Owners Direct / HomeAway Update

Owners Direct / HomeAway have been our main source of enquiries since we started in the Gite rental business in 2012.

In the last couple of years the way this site operates has changed significantly from a contact portal to a full holiday booking site.
The site has increased fees and reduced the number of contacts made and made other changes which mean that our listings no longer achieve the same visibility they have traditionally had.

In the last month the site has added a fee to the holiday-maker in addition to the fee component of the rental that they have always paid.
This fee is only charged if the booking is made via the Owners Direct / HomeAway site.
We have never actually taken any booking by this route and always recommend that bookings are made direct with us via our own site ( ).
Like most owners we have operated in this way for many years, our clients trust us and have seen no need to use the Owners Direct / HomeAway site booking system.

If holiday makers wish to book via Owners Direct / HomeAway and pay the additional fee then we will be happy to accept their booking though we would not be able to refund this fee for any reason.

We will be exploring other portal options for 2017.

Owners Direct / HomeAway

Owners Direct / HomeAway are our main source of enquiries.
We currently take bookings via our own site though we may move to their site in the future.
It is possible to pay for your holiday at La Gravette via Owners Direct if you prefer and they do not charge any extra for this, they do however, charge us.
We continue to prefer payment by bank transfer or PAYM but if you wish to pay via Owners Direct then we will not pass this charge onto you though in future we may have to increase our prices to cover these increased costs.

The Pool

The pool is ready for use !
The Pool We spent a week in April filling and setting up the filter system and finally had a couple of days use. The sand filter operates for a few hours during the night to ensure crystal clear water. The pool is chlorinated as appropriate.

We had a solar cover heating the pool when we were not using it and a little heater running overnight – in a couple of days we got the temperature up from 10 to 20 degrees. A little cool but as we had a few scorcher days it was a pleasure to use.

During the main season it will be generally be without the solar cover as the ambient temperature will be quite high.

Please use common sense and observe the pool safety instructions. Children should be accompanied / observed at all times. No glass in the pool and nothing that may tear the liner.

Please advise any problems as soon as they happen. Should there be a tear or leak it can take a couple of days to fix and fill.


Driving Routes to La Gravette

Le Havre to La Gravette

This is the shortest driving route to La Gravette though the ferry time is longer. The ferry is overnight(Depart Portsmouth 23:00, Arrive Le Havre 08:00)
The return ferry is evening (Depart Le Havre 17:00, Arrive Portsmouth 21:30).
The marked waypoints are locations for Aires or fuel stops.
There is one recommended fuel stop for the journey down (Cheap, mid-way) and one for the journey back (Cheap and close to the port).
The ATAC supermarket is a good place to buy fuel during your stay.

Length: 275 miles
Duration: 6 hours, 46 minutes at average speed: 40 mph (including a couple of stops)
or 4 hours at national speed limits with no stops.
Click the map for a fully interactive view of the main routes to La Gravette.


Google Street View

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